Jennifer Koenig

I first met Rachel via phone after clicking the Dave Ramsey ELP link. She was the first of the ELPs to respond and I am so grateful she was – since I believe she is the best. I have been in technical sales for 20+ years so I can tell when I’m talking to a true sales professional who has a process that gives her clients the edge. She sat down with me and laid out a very aggressive marketing and sales plan and asked for my criteria for success. She also asked what I thought she should expect from me. Very fair – up front agreements! I think we succeeded there! I had showings the day after the listing was published and after the 2nd showing, I had the offer I was able to accept (less than a week).

She worked with me through her wonderful admin. assistant, Amanda to handle all of the nitpicky details that get deals hung up. We had really smooth sailing and the few issues that occurred were resolved quickly and professionally. My husband and I teach the FPU class at St. Edwards Church.

We strongly encourage our students to call Rachel Dreyer when they are ready to sell or purchase a home. She’ll get the job done and make sure that you get the most value for the buck.

I’ve used Rachel again this year 2015 to help us find land. We had a good experience with her as our agent this time too.

— Jennifer Koenig