Author: Matthew Stalcup

Choose which projects you want to tackle based on the needs of your home

Because there are so many choices for budget home improvement projects, choosing the best projects to add marketability and value to your home can be a little difficult. John Thomas Sinclair, a leading real estate agent in Kootenai County, ID, with 23 years of experience, tells us that the best choice comes down to the unique characteristics of your individual property.

Estimated cost: $60-$500   |   Project duration: 1-5 days

Sinclair tells us that the first upgrades to consider are those that make your bathroom look “spa-like.” According to US News, the average return on investment for bathroom renovations is more than 62%. To get started on a bathroom remodel, consider these options:

Add a new shower head

Often, the first thing people get excited about when looking at a bathroom is the shower head. After all, who doesn’t want their daily wash to feel luxurious? Not only will you enjoy your new shower head every time you bathe, but you’ll also love how it catches prospective buyers’ attention when it’s time to sell.

Install a bathroom vent

If your bathroom lacks windows or isn’t well-ventilated, installing a vent is the best way to ensure the room has a steady supply of fresh air. While you’ll likely need to get help from an HVAC expert to complete the installation, the whole project usually costs only about $387.

Update countertops

Bathroom countertops usually don’t account for a whole lot of space. Still, since they’re often the visual focal point of the room, a nice countertop can transform the entire space. Because vanities are smaller than kitchen cabinets, you can install even more expensive materials like granite or quartz on a budget, with material costs ranging from $50 to $300 per linear foot.

Replace the hardware

Finally, a surefire way to make your bathroom shine is to add some shiny new hardware. Items like bath towel bars, sinks, toilet paper roll holders, and light switches are relatively inexpensive and can transform your bathroom from a utility space into an elegant experience.

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