Going stir crazy being stuck at home with the only hope of human interaction is the check out person at the grocery?  Are your kids driving you to the point of insanity?   We are flying by the seat of our pants trying to juggle work, taking care of family, and not losing our minds.  What can you do to entertain your kids when the “quiet game” and “how quickly can you pick up your toys” doesn’t fly?  Scavenger hunts are a good way to get kids moving.  Make a list of items that your kids can scavenge for.  These can be items inside or outside.  You can even do this throughout your neighborhood.  If it’s nice outside, get your kids to help with planting flowers or a vegetable garden.  Missing your family and friends?  Zoom and face time are a great way to connect.  Even a text chain can keep you connected.  Start a text chain or zoom meeting with “Remember When We…?”  Easy conversation and laughter will soon follow.  Stay safe and sane!